Last known U.S.-born WWI vet visits president

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Calling it a high honor, President Bush on Thursday warmly greeted 107-year-old Frank Woodruff Buckles, described by the White House as the last known surviving American-born veteran of World War I.

"Mr. Buckles' mind is sharp, his memory is crisp and he's been sharing with me some interesting anecdotes," Bush said in the Oval Office. Buckles, in a wheelchair to Bush's right, sat quietly with his hands clasped as the president spoke during a short photo opportunity.

Bush said that before reporters came into the room, Buckles had recalled chatting with Gen. John J. Pershing, a legendary figure from World War I.

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Vernon Clayson - 3/7/2008

How neat is it that the president, George Bush, honored this last American born WWI veteran, 107 year old Frank Buckles, especially seeing that the Clintons, the former president Bill and the putative next president, Hillary, loath such men.