Should PA American Revolution Center have its own site and hotel?

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With millions of county tax dollars at stake, Montgomery County officials are becoming increasingly concerned about the direction the American Revolution Center is taking.
"All we are hearing is malarkey," said Montgomery County Commissioners Chairman Jim Matthews. "People like straight talk, and I sense we really did not have straight talk from the beginning."

Matthews said he found it "troubling" that the museum plan has evolved from a structure within Valley Forge National Historical Park to a museum complex with a hotel and conference center in Lower Providence Township, especially since it is supported with public funds.

"We put money into an American Revolution Center," he said. "We did not put money into an American Revolution Center and a hotel. That's not the way I envisioned it."

Democratic Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel said that it would be better if ARC took the conference center off the table and moved the museum back to the park.

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