Display of alleged Nazi-looted art causes stir in Austria

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An exhibit at a Vienna museum displaying art alleged to have been looted by the Nazis has added fuel to the debate over the restitution of stolen art.

Clemens Jabloner, the president of the Administrative Court, one of the three highest courts of the Austrian judiciary, believes they should be returned to their rightful owners.

"On principle, everything of dubious origin should be returned," Jabloner told the Agence France Presse.

The alleged stolen artworks, which are on display at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, have prompted the opposition Green Party to call for the paintings to be restored to their previous owners. The party has dubbed the exhibition "the greatest display of looted art in Austria in years."

The head of Vienna's Jewish Community, Ariel Muzicant, called for the closure of the Leopold Museum last week until it complies with legislation on the restitution of looted Jewish property.

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