First Sioux receives Medal of Honor

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Nearly 26 years after his death, Army Master Sgt. Woodrow "Woody" Keeble was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor Monday for his efforts during the Korean War.

Keeble is the first full-blooded Sioux Indian to receive the honor, and the 10th person to receive the medal from President Bush.

Keeble's stepson, Russell Hawkins, accepted the medal at a ceremony held in the East Room of the White House.

"The Sioux have a saying: 'The life of a man is a circle.' Well today, we complete Woody's circle from an example to his men to an example for the ages," President Bush said. "And if we honor his life and take lessons from his good and noble service, then Master Sgt. Woody Keeble will serve his country once again."

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