Family Disputes Claims of JFK 'Love Child'

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The family of a Texas-born investment banker who has told reporters he may be the love child of President John F. Kennedy says his claims "are unequivocally false and have been fabricated."

Jack Worthington II told newspapers in Canada, Vanity Fair magazine and ABC News that his mother advised him four years ago that his father was the former president.

His mother, Evelyn Worthington, a former Texas school teacher who lives in Houston, "has never met John F. Kennedy nor any other member of the Kennedy family," according to the statement issued by the family today.

Vanity Fair posted a lengthy article about Worthington's claims on its Web site today, reporting that its analysis of JFK hair strands supported "non-paternity."

The article, by David Friend, recounts how Worthington approached the magazine through an attorney in 2006 who said Worthington, 46, was prepared to change his last name to Kennedy and name his newborn child John F. Kennedy III.

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