Faked Holocaust Memoir: The Saga Continues

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In the morning's Boston Globe David Mehegan has a follow-up story to the"Hiding with Wolves" Holocaust hoax. What jumped out at me in the article was the glee with which the lawyer for the co-author, who joined in the suit against the publisher, reported that he was about to sell the publisher's house.

Let me recap: Misha Defonseca, a Belgian hoaxer, created a far-fetched tale about her Holocaust experience. The publisher linked her up with a co-author, Vera Lee. Eventually the two authors sued the publisher, Jane Daniel, for failing to promote the book.

Holocaust historians tried to warn Daniel away from this project. They said it made no sense. And it didn't. She went ahead anyway.

Well the authors won an obscenely large settlement. Daniel, who does not have the money to pay them, is about to lose her house as part of the settlement.

Now that the book has been exposed as a hoax, one would think that they would not get their money.

Well think again. Lee's lawyer, whose name I should mention because someone who behaves in this manner should be mentioned, Frank Frisoli of Cambridge, Mass., seems almost jubilant.

As Mehegan writes:
Lee says she doesn't want Daniel to lose her house, but Frisoli has picked up the scent of final victory.

"She's a very unhappy camper," he said of Daniel."And when I find a buyer for that house, she is out."

Vera Lee seems to want to have it both ways. She claims she does not want Daniel to lose her house. But the lawyer thinks otherwise.

Well last time I check lawyers work for clients. If Lee does not want Daniel to lose her house then she should call off the wolf... oops... her lawyer.

These folks deserve each other. Holocaust survivors deserve far far better.

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