Nixon in Canada--Smiles. In US--Glowers.

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The Invincible Quest: The Life of Richard Milhous NixonRichard M. Nixon: A Life in FullAbuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes

News comesthat Conrad Black will have to surrender himself within the next few days to serve a sentence for his fraud and obstruction of justice conviction. Friends expect him to keep his head held high throughout. Celebrated for a magisterial biography of FDR, he is also receiving high marks for his new RN biography, which Publishers Weekly called “superb.” (A review is just out in The National Interest.) But can you judge a book by both its covers? When it came out last year in Canada, it showed a smiling Mr. Nixon and bore a title, The Invincible Quest, in keeping with its theme. PublicAffairs, the U.S. publisher, chose the glowering picture from Stanley Kutler’s book of Watergate tapes, Abuse of Power and the odd title A Life in Full.

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