David Irving: "Who's on first" routine draws hoots of derision

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A Google alert just popped up on my computer. It brought me to "Fiery Cross" website which is clearly associated with the KKK. ...

The site carries a post from David Irving's website entitled:
Lipstadt: Am I my brother's keeper?

Irving begins with a discussion [quite exaggerated of course] of the Bruges affair. He then goes on to identify Marc Kalmann as my brother. Here's what Irving has to say:

Kalmann is the brother of Atlanta Professor Deborah Lipstadt, and she has gone straight into brother-denial. (Don’t ask us how they come to use different family names: I remember once interviewing Julius Streicher’s son, also a Streicher, for Hard Copy (US television), and him retorting, “We are not the sort of people who change our names.")

Changing names is the kind of things that the Lipstadt’s of this world do more often than others.
He"proves" his point by quoting the post sent to me by Kalmann's brother.

What a joke. Irving can't figure out that I was quoting the brother NOT identifying Marc Kalmann as my brother.

Attempting to paint me as frightened that this news of"my brother", i.e. Marc Kalmann might emerge and

come to my ears, Deborah Lipstadt has rushed to her damage-control panel, groped in the darkness of her own delirium for the button marked “DENIAL!” but pushed the one marked “PANIC” by mistake. The Internet is awash with fun at her expense.

He closes his post by thanking his many friends who brought this to his attention.

Someone must have pointed out to David Irving his colossal mistake because when you go to his website the post is gone. www.fpp.co.uk/Auschwitz/Lipstadt/brother_Marc_Kalmann.html

My thanks to the KKK site for capturing it.

What a hoot. Irving [and his friends] can't even read documents he is not trying to lie about.

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