Historians Join New York Feminists For Peace and Barack Obama

Historians in the News

[HNN Editor: Signers include these historians: Columbia University's Martha Howell and Alice Kessler Harris, NYU's Linda Gordon, Maria Montoya, Barbara Weinstein, and Marilyn Young, Hofstra's Carolyn Eisenberg and Susan Yohn, SUNY/Old Westbury's Laura Anker and Rosalyn Baxandall, Amherst's Martha Saxton, Ellen Schrecker of Yeshiva, and Maggie Williams of William Patterson University.]

Over 150 New York feminists and peace activists—among them actors Kathleen Chalfant, Kerry Washington and writer Katha Pollitt—have signed a letter endorsing Senator Barack Obama in the upcoming New York primary. The letter started circulating on Friday, February 1st and the responses are still pouring in.

Says Frances Anderson, spokesperson for the adhoc group of women, "We believe that Barack Obama's early and ongoing opposition to the Iraq War signals that as President, he is our best hope for a speedy end to the occupation and to the aggressive, interventionist policies of the Bush Administration."

Obama's early opposition to the war is also seen by the signatories as one of his most valuable assets in a post-primary campaign, as it will better position him to defeat a pro-war Republican nominee. Also noted are the positive tone of the Obama campaign and the dramatic engagement it has produced among young American voters.

The petition is now available online, where additional signatures can be posted. Web link:

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