Reenactment takes students back to 1939 and days of Ida Tarbell

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On Friday afternoon, Titusville High School revived a scene from the city's history 69 years ago, when investigative journalist Ida Tarbell and historian and author Dr. Paul Giddens were invited to the school by the Titusville Historical Society Jan. 25, 1939, for a dinner in their honor.

THS faculty, staff and students used articles printed about the evening in 1939 editions of The Titusville Herald to help recreate the finer details of the dinner -- from who was in attendance to the foods served.

Friday's luncheon was held in THS' Colestock Gymnasium, where Tarbell, Giddens and the others joined together more than a half-century ago.

Since November, when the school's junior class celebrated Tarbell's 150th birthday, the students have been studying the journalist's life and other subjects relevant to the oil industry....

This project was funded by the Oil Region Alliance, the Rees Charitable Foundation, and the Crawford Heritage Foundation.

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