Grabbing a musket for 'unsung hero' of Revolution

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General John Glover does not appear in major history textbooks, and he is not usually mentioned in discussions about the Revolutionary War. But the Marblehead native has long been revered by town residents as an important cog in the country's fight for independence.

"He's really an unsung hero," said Kevin Stirnweis of Marblehead, captain of the 14th Continental Regiment, a reenactors' version of the outfit Glover oversaw from 1759 to 1782. "He really came to [George] Washington's rescue numerous times throughout history."

The 211th anniversary of the death of Glover, a merchant who headed Marblehead's militia before it became part of Washington's army, was commemorated yesterday by Marblehead residents and reenactors in Glover's regiment.

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