Report: Holocaust-denial activity increased worldwide in 2007

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Holocaust-denial activity increased worldwide in 2007, following a temporary lull in 2006, according to this year’s annual report on Holocaust-denial activity around the world.

The year-end report, Holocaust Denial: A Global Survey - 2007, is published by The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, which is based in Washington, D.C. The report’s co-authors are Holocaust scholars Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of the Wyman Institute, and Dr. Alex Grobman, coauthor of the book Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It?

The report found that Holocaust-denial activity increased worldwide in 2007, following a lull in 2006 due to the imprisonment of leading denier David Irving, in Austria. In 2007, Irving returned to the lecture circuit, and other deniers continued their efforts in various countries, including holding a conference in Italy to defend Holocaust-denial. At the same time, however, efforts by some European governments, especially Germany and Austria, to prosecute Holocaust-deniers helped curb the extent of denial activity.

The report also found that in the Middle East, some Arab and Muslim regimes continued to sponsor Holocaust denial and sought to impede UN resolutions opposing denial.” The government of Iran went so far as to organize a conference of Holocaust deniers in Teheran. In addition, a poll found a substantial level of Holocaust denial among Israeli Arabs.

At the same time, the report cited several hopeful developments: a prominent Muslim figure, the former prime minister of Indonesia, condemned Holocaust denial; the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO both passed resolutions opposing Holocaust denial; and the European Union urged all its member-states to adopt legislation prohibiting Holocaust denial.

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Bradley Smith - 3/5/2008

Mr. Weinstein:
In order to avoid being strident I will put a very simple question: can you, or any of the Big Brains representing the Holocaust Industry, provide the name of one (one)individual --- as opposed to the millions, or as we say now hundreds of thousands --- who was murdered in a German gas chamber at Auschwitz in a State program of genocide and provide the proof for that one (one) murder? After sixty years it should be a piece of cake.

After sixty years of the exploitation of this Auschwitz nonsense, I can understand the "stridency" with which some address this issue.

Paul Barry Weinstein - 1/2/2008

Okay, the Holocaust happened and you proceed to turn that into a lengthy and tiresome polemic. Your stridency defeats whatever your purpose is.

omar ibrahim baker - 12/30/2007

If by "Holocaust denial" is meant that :

A-The whole thing, the HOLOCAUST, is a fabrication and no mass murder of JEWS, and the often forgotten many many others(??), ever took place then such a denial is patently childishly ridiculous.

All kinds of lunacies and mental aberrations have had their supporters; some still claim that the world is flat!
Why some , in that case, would bother is NOT understandable.

B-The whole thing has been exaggerated and the "denial" is of the "exaggeration" that has come with it.
And that the aim of "denials" is to do away with the "exaggertion" and , through rigorous scientific research , scrutinize and verify alleged "facts" and "figures" aiming
to establish "better" documented
"facts" and "figures".
Verification and the search for accuracy can never hurt the truth nor diminish the criminality of a criminal act.
The killer of one person is as much of a criminal as the killer of five persons!
In that case I see no reason why any objective observer would unduly bother about them , withhold support from them or accuse them !

C-If the Denial is aimed at the "use" the Holocaust has been put to:
1-as the foundation of all sorts of phony and otherwise claims and allegations,
2-as the excuse for and justification of all sorts of crimes
3-as the silencer of critics of its upholders , their dogma and practices
4-as the bottomless well of ever recurring "reparations" demands both financial and/or moral/political/
In this case the aim of the "denial" would be:
a- for this gross human tragedy, the Holocaust, to regain its universal human and moral significance and standing, as a heinous mega crime
b-to unveil the gross and base ulterior motives of its "defenders"

through ridding it from the misuse, the rank exploitation and merciless milking to which it was subjected in the search for
c-financial gains for a racist, aggressive and usurping nation/state, Israel,
d-political advantage of a heinous racist and aggressive doctrine ; Zionisim!

In this case such a "denial" should be welcomed and supported by all people of good will .


whether it is (A), (B) or (C), it is truly absurd, and quite indicative of the vacuity and hypocrisy of those who support it and the domineering designs of those who advocate it, that "laws" should be enacted to restrain the "investigation" and "study" of any subject and to "legally" punish those who undertake it regardless of any other thing else!

So much for the much vaunted freedom of thought and speech in your domains!