17th century fort discovered in Canada

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QUEBEC | On behalf of Canada's Environment Minister John Baird, Mr. Luc Harvey, Member of Parliament for Louis-Hebert, today announced the discovery of Fort Sainte-Therese, one of five forts erected by the Carignan-Salieres regiment between 1665 and 1666.

"Thanks to the exceptional collaboration of the Municipality of Carignan, the region's historical societies, heritage organizations and local researchers, Fort Sainte-Therese has finally been located on the grounds of the Canal Chambly National Historic Site of Canada", said Mr. Harvey. "Our Government is proud to be here today to unveil this discovery and ensure it is preserved for future generations."

The mayor of Carignan, Mr. Jean-Guy Legendre, was pleased with the discovery of Fort Sainte-Therese. He emphasized the major historic significance of the defensive work in the young colony, and how the site was linked to the Carignan-Salieres regiment for which the city was named. The City of Carignan will contribute financially to the archaeological research and the presentation of the site for the 2009 festivities celebrating the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's arrival in the Richelieu Valley.

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