German museum to screen Nazi hate movie

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A German museum has announced plans for 16 screenings of the ultimate Nazi hate movie, Jud Suess, as part of an exhibition picking apart how Nazi propaganda worked. The 1940 costume melodrama was used to stoke up hatred of Jews in 21 nations. It was a favourite of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, who had funded it.
"The film is an overwhelming success. The audience was seething," he gloated in his diary in 1940. "This is the first really anti- Semitic film."

The movie, a remake of a story that had previously had a pro- Jewish slant, depicts a Jewish businessman, Joseph Suess, manipulating the government of a German ducal state, raping a German girl and being condemned.
It will be shown at the Baden-Wuerttemberg history museum in Stuttgart, the city where the real Joseph Suess Oppenheimer was executed on trumped-up charges in 1738.

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