Ron Neumunz: Self-discovery in the mysteries of the past

Roundup: Talking About History

[Ron Neumunz is an American living in London working in the hedge fund industry.]

We are all out there, at different times and on different days, always looking. It's a search for information, it's a search for family, and, in the end, a search for self.

We know all the Web sites, like and b24proboards, and a handful of others. We use them to reach out, ask questions, exchange information and hunt again for more information.

One is looking for friends of his uncle, listed as KIA in 1943; another for fellow crew members of a father or grandfather. In many cases, the person he or she is looking for never came back from this World War II. Or, if he did, he never talked about it, and now it is too late to ask.

So, we look and we seek, because we want to find out more about our families, more about a war that is ever more distant, and more, ultimately, about ourselves....

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