Roundup: Talking About History

  • Returning to Our Cruelest War

    by Michael C. C. Adams

    Why one of America's foremost Civil War historians is returning to the topic.

  • Lessons of World War I

    by Victor Davis Hanson

    Much of what we think we know is false; what really happened matters desperately to us today.

  • Reviving Midwest History

    by Michael Dirda

    A new book by Jon Lauck argues for reconsidering the history of America's heartland.

  • Totalitarian Troubadour

    by John Fund

    We shouldn’t forget that Pete Seeger was Communism’s pied piper.

  • Pete Seeger's All-American Communism

    by David Graham

    The folksinger's romance with Stalinism remains disturbing, but it can't be separated from the rest of his work—nor from U.S. history.

  • 1914 All Over Again?

    by Susanne Spröer

    There are parallels between 1914 and 2014, but the differences are far more important.