Opening millions of years of history (UK mines)

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The chance to travel through millions of years of history, step into mines over 200 years old and use the world's first underground inclined lift - all possible if a Black Country site is lucky enough to receive a £50m lottery grant.

Mines at Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve in Dudley are part of the bid for the Black Country Urban Park - a project competing against three others for the Big Lottery's Living Landmark Award.

The mines, formerly quarried for their limestone, stopped working in 1925 and the site was abandoned.

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Steve Trow - 12/4/2007

Massive caverns, mines and underground canal wharfs and tunnels all dug out by hand and telling the 200 year story of all the graft and sweat that made us the Black Country! And at the same time revealing 400 million years of Earth history and mineral formation showing why this was the place that first became the Workshop of the World. Bloomin’ bostin’!