US government's fight to deport alleged Nazi guard Demjanjuk spans three decades

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The U.S. Justice Department began trying to deport former Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk more than three decades ago, claiming that he was an armed guard at a Nazi death camp and helped murder Jewish prisoners in World War II.

Demjanjuk was extradited to Israel in 1986 and was under a death sentence until Israel's Supreme Court ruled in 1993 that Demjanjuk was not the sadistic guard at the Treblinka death camp in German-occupied Poland whom prisoners called "Ivan the Terrible."

Since Demjanjuk's return to the Cleveland suburb of Seven Hills, the Justice Department has continued its efforts to send him back to his native Ukraine — or Germany or Poland — saying it was sufficient that Demjanjuk falsified information on his applications to enter the U.S. in 1952 and to become a citizen in 1958.

His U.S. citizenship was revoked in 1981, restored in 1998 and revoked again in 2002. Now 87, Demjanjuk is facing what his lawyer says may be his last chance to stay in the U.S.

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Bradley Smith - 3/5/2008

Because the story of this old man provides a living link to the Nazi WMD --- “gas chamber” --- hoax. He represents in miniature how the “Holocaust” continues to be used to morally legitimate the conquest of Arab land in Palestine by European Jews following WWII --- how else could it possibly have been morally justified? And the story has since been exploited to morally legitimate the U.S. alliance with Israel against the Arabs of Palestine --- how else could the alliance be morally justified?

Meanwhile, it is only “claimed” here that Demjanjuk was an armed guard a Treblinka. And it fact it is only “claimed” that Jews and others were killed at Treblinka by Nazi WMD (“gas chambers”). It has not been demonstrated that homicidal “gas chambers” were actually used at Treblinka to kill innocent, unarmed civilians, and we do not have proof (proof) of one specific (specific) individual who was “gassed” at Treblinka as part of a program of genocide. No matter that there were allegedly 800,000 victims in the modest camp, we are still looking for proof (proof) for the “gassing” of one (one).

It is worthy of note that while the Nazi WMD fraud had a Zionist provenance, the charge was institutionalized primarily by the U.S. and Soviet governments. The U.S. Government did not have the Soviets around to help it create the Iraqi WMD fraud, but the Americans were able to do it on their own. And again, there was a Jewish, Israeli-Firster (Zionist?) provenance at the core of the affair. Using the Iraqi WMD fraud to morally justify a war that has created the displacement, maiming and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent, unarmed Iraqi civilians.

It is noteworthy to observe how the American Government is fixated on an 87-year-old man who has not been convicted of any substantial crime --- only of falsifying immigration papers half a century ago. While we have millions of illegal immigrants running loose all over the nation today and the Government does nothing about it? While it is “racist” to suggest that illegal Mexican immigrants should be sent back to their country of origin, it is only right to send Demjanjuk back to his country of origin because he was associated in some way, however circumstantially, with “Nazis.”

To understand the full vulgarity of the U.S. concern with Demjanjuk we have only to ask ourselves that with regard to the intentional killing of innocent, unarmed civilians, what did “Nazis” did during WWII that Democrats and Republicans did not do? I have asked this question on HNN before, but have not received a focused answer. Maybe this time.