C-SPAN running series on presidential libraries

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Featuring film, sound and video clips that have not been aired yet during our programs - Eleanor Roosevelt speaking with troops in the Pacific, Kennedy family home movies, Gerald Ford Election eve program from Air Force One, and others. Also an interview with Sharon Fawcett, Asst. U.S. Archivist for Pres. Libraries.

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Mark Garapic - 11/23/2007

Hello Erik Nelson---Eleanor widely used that joke when visiting Pacific troops. The private shouted "to hell with Hirohito. Up jumped a bunch of Japs, and they shouted "To hell with Roosevelt." and the sad private couldn't shoot a fellow Republican." Since there was wartime secrecy and lack of filming, she was able to use this joke over and over.
Excellent series on Presidential libraries, just thought I'd fill in this tid-bit of Eleanor info--
Mark Garapic