History comes to life in students' wax museum (Utah)

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History came to life recently at Eagle Bay Elementary's annual Wax Museum as visitors strolled past fifth-graders posed as some of the nation's most-influential historical figures.

Among the individuals depicted: Bill Gates working on his laptop; Rosa Parks sitting at the front of a cardboard bus; and Paul Revere riding his horse - a rocking horse at this occasion - to herald the news of the British invasion.

What started four years ago at the Farmington school as an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with great Americans, has resulted in costumes, hairpieces, backdrops and props galore. But when the idea was first broached, some considered it to be just one more "project" for the kids to work on.

Teacher Debbie Pead says that attitude has changed.
The students "know that this is a big thing," she said. "It gives them a chance to dive into United States history. When they take a character, they get excited. Some of the students who don't perform on other levels, do better at this."

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