Italy's former royals demand reparations for being sent into exile after WWII

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Italy's ex-royals are demanding £260 million in damages - and the return of confiscated property, including the presidential palace - for being sent into exile after World War II.

The Savoy dynasty, with a lineage dating back to the 10th century, unified Italy in the 1800s and ruled the country as a kingdom until Italians voted in a 1946 referendum to become a republic.

Two years later, Italy's new Constitution barred the last king, Umberto II, and his male descendants from Italy.

They went into exile in Portugal and Switzerland.

The Savoys, led by the king's son, Victor Emmanuel, returned in 2002 when the provision was overturned.

Family members and their lawyers said they have sent letters to Italy's government and president seeking reparations.

They called the exile a violation of the Savoys' human rights based on the ban on inhuman and degrading punishment by the European Convention on Human Rights.

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