Memories of World War II, Still Fresh in Collectibles

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WHEN Dan Crews was 15, he struck a deal that few boys his age would have considered. He swapped $20 worth of baseball cards with a neighbor for a musty World War II uniform brought back from Europe 30 years earlier....

For collectors of World War II memorabilia like Mr. Crews — who specializes in collectibles from British, American or German soldiers who served during the Battle of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge — the war has never really ended. The collectors scour the Internet, auctions, flea markets and estate sales to find posters, documents, photographs, badges, uniforms and steel helmets that range in price from a few dollars to the thousands. A Luftwaffe general’s dagger, for $9,995, can be found at, a World War II memorabilia site that sells mostly German and Japanese collectibles.

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