City historian to earn $120,000 a year (Virginia)

Historians in the News

HAMPTON — - The Newport News historian who has been with the city for decades plans to retire Nov. 30 and take on a similar role in Hampton for $120,000 a year.

Hampton's City Council will vote Wednesday on hiring John V. Quarstein, 54, to be director of Hampton's history, City Manager Jesse Wallace said. The city is offering a contract of $10,000 a month for five years with the option to extend it another five years, Wallace said.

The contract includes a $10,000 lump sum for Quarstein to write a book on Hampton's history.

"I've agreed to work 10 years," he said.

Hampton hopes Quarstein will be able to connect the city's history to Fort Monroe so the two can be marketed together after the military vacates the historic base in 2011, Wallace said.

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