Clinton Rebuts Accusations of Secrecy

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Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political camp struck back on Saturday against rivals who were attacking her as overly secretive, circulating legal arguments from a Clinton ally asserting that the Clintons are not blocking the release of presidential papers about their discussions in the White House in the 1990s.

Bruce Lindsey, a top adviser to former President Bill Clinton, issued a lengthy statement on Friday evening saying that, contrary to some news reports, Mr. Clinton had “not asked that records related to communications with Senator Clinton be withheld,” and that Mr. Clinton had not blocked the release of any presidential documents.

In pushing to clarify the issue, the Clinton camp is trying to correct an image of Mrs. Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, that is being painted by her critics — that she is too secretive, and that because she will not release the papers more quickly, her experience argument lacks credibility.

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