Black Confederate says he is marching for heritage

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It’s a sight that elicits a second glance, maybe a third. A black man marching along the S.C. 28 toward Walhalla dressed in Confederate butternut, carrying a Confederate battle flag.

To H.K. Edgerton, however, it’s a march for truth in history as critical as any march for civil rights. Mr. Edgerton’s march Thursday carried him to Oconee County.

When it comes to the role of blacks in the Confederacy, Mr. Edgerton is less than happy about the story.

“This flag has nothing to do with hate,” Mr. Edgerton said of the starred red, white and blue St. Andrew’s Cross battle flag he carried. “It’s the flag of Southern heritage, black and white.”

The 58-year-old former head of the NAACP chapter in Asheville left his city Oct. 20 to recreate the 1,600-mile “March across Dixie” in which he tramped to Austin, Tex., in 2002. He marched specifically to protest the removal of plaques honoring the Confederacy from the Texas statehouse.

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