Judi McLeod: Muslims discovered America

Roundup: Talking About History

[McLeod is a columnist.]

North America may be reviled as ‘the Land of the Infidels’, but according to Muslim Imam, al-Hajj Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid, it is the Muslims and not the seafaring Columbus who discovered it.

This tops the whopper category edging out Islam claims that Moses was not a Jew but the first Muslim.

“(A) ncient Arabic (Muslim) language maps, Native American tribes with African names and words clearly embedded in their languages, statues, diaries, artifacts, etc. destroy European imperialistic notions of history rooted in White Supremacy...those very same Muslim African explorers...who were already present in the Caribbean and North America, before the bearers of the Cross arrived,” elaborates this enlightened Imam.” (Political Mavens.com, Sept. 21, 2007).

"Once at a pre-Sept. 11, 2001 national meeting of leaders, this writer was asked something like, “Why is it that Muslim African American men so often seem angry when dealing with other Muslims? I answered the question on various levels, but was recently reminded of the exchange while reading a Muslim newspaper,” the leader of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem, New York City recounts in a column.

(Muslim newspapers, like some of those in the West it seems, don’t always get it right.)

“Some of the offensive attitudes and behaviour that we encounter from Muslims would not be displayed towards us by at least some people of other faiths, out of either sensitivity and awareness, or apprehensiveness. But some of our Muslim brethren of different ethnicities feel that they can say anything to or about any Muslim, and that it is fine for them to do so, whether they know what they are talking about or not.”

That was the preface of a diatribe that went on to describe the history of African people, Muslim ones in particular, and America’s relationship with the Original (Native) Americans.

“Afrocentric Muslims might be surprised that many Native Americans consider the diffusionist views of pre-Columbian Muslims to be essentially racist”. First of all, to state that a relative handful of Muslim explorers came to the land of the Original Americans, met them, peacefully interacted with them, traded with them...inter-married with them, and perhaps even gave another relative handful of them da’wa is hardly diffusionist.”

“America is the land of those indigenous inhabitants called “Indians”. It was their God-given custodial land—the land of the “Red Man”, before the “White Man” stole it, committed genocide against its true people, stole the “Black Man” from Africa and brought him to the stolen land against his will, and it was he, “The White Man”, who populated the land from Europe. To this day “he” grants reluctant access to “his” country, to the “Brown and Yellow Man” of Asia, and all other peoples, Muslim and Non-Muslim. That is historical fact. To cite the history of Muslim Africans’ pre-imperial, pre-colonial, pre-genocidal presence amongst the Native Americans, is not to diffuse the history of the original “People of the Land”. It is to add to it!”

Missing from the Imam’s history lesson is the historical fact in the long chapter of the Barbary pirate....

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