Revealed: Nazi scheme to kidnap 'Aryan' children from occupied countries

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A chilling new book about Hitler's Lebensborn programme - the sinister project to create the perfect Aryan race to rule the world for 1,000 years - shows the Nazis kidnapped thousands of children from occupied countries to fill the demand for future manpower.

Lebensborn, or Fount of Life, was hitherto thought to be just a breeding programme where S.S. "studs" mated with suitable female specimens in Nazi nursing homes.

Nine months later the offspring were turned over to the state to be brought up in an all-Nazi environment.

These budding supermen were supposed to grow up to be hard, cruel standard bearers of Hitler's "New Order" in Europe.

But eminent German historian Volker Koop says in his new book "Give a Child to the Fuehrer - the Lebensborn Organisation" that the S.S.-run group kidnapped thousands of children from occupied lands and murdered those that quack racial "experts" back in the Reich deemed "unfit for Germanisation".

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