Ward Churchill: Fired professor back at Colorado

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It's going to take more than getting fired to stop former professor Ward Churchill from teaching at the University of Colorado.

The ex-professor was back on campus Tuesday at the invitation of students to teach an unsanctioned course, "ReVisioning American History: Colonization, Genocide and Formation of the U.S. Settler State."

Always a popular figure on campus, Mr. Churchill, 52, was met with applause by the 30 or so students and well-wishers who attended the first session.

"This course is an entirely voluntary exercise for all parties involved," Mr. Churchill said. "It carries no credit, fulfills no institutional requirements, involves payment of no tuition, entails no paycheck to its instructor."

Student organizers reserved a classroom at the Eaton Humanities Building for the unofficial course. According to the syllabus, Mr. Churchill will teach every Tuesday evening through the month of October, with class topics to focus on colonialism, genocide and racism.

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Vernon Clayson - 10/6/2007

If "students" choose to waste time listening to a faux Native American who was terminated, mostly for plagarism and invention of facts and details in his writing, that is what they should do. Chances are he will draw an audience, including many who aren't students but none of this matters as he is merely an unemployeed middle aged man making his last grasp at celebrity. Go away, old man, you've been found out.