Historians organizing to stop Princeton Battlefield development

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This is a call to arms for the NY Round Table and other RT’s around the country as well as to all lovers of American History. The Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton, one of the supposedly most venerated scholarly organiza5ions on the globe, is about to obtain permission to building housing on 22 acres of the Princeton Battlefield on which as many as 75% of Washington’s troops fought and died. The IAS is ignoring its own survey report, in which an archaeologist found dozens of musket balls, broken musket parts and dropped grapeshot, and estimated that there were probably 1000 more artifacts waiting to be found! Concerned New Jerseyans, led by Jerry Hurwitz, former president of the Brigade of the American Revolution, have formed the Princeton Battlefield Society and are soliciting support to stop this brazen desecration of historical soil. Go on the web at http://www.SavePrincetonBattlefield.org to find out where to send your protests and maybe some money.

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