Hong Kong rediscovers Sun Yat-sen

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Sun Yat-sen, the medical doctor who brought down China's last imperial dynasty in 1911, has become the flavor of the year in Hong Kong.

A "Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail" through the trendy district of Soho has recently been refurbished. It takes walkers close to the Sun Yat-sen Museum that opened in December 2006. And at a nearby old mansion, the Museum of Medical Sciences is holding an exhibition on "The Medical and Social Landscape during Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Formative Student Years," which runs until the end of October.

Could it be that post-colonial Hong Kong now finds it easier to commemorate the life of one of China's great nationalists?

Chinese communities around the world have Sun Yat-sen museums, but this is the first museum for him in Hong Kong. Why did it take so long?

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