Medals given to World War II veterans

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Anthony Manno stood proud and teary-eyed, surrounded by his newly reacquainted family and holding the medals of his older brother, who was killed in World War II more than 60 years ago.

Army Pfc. Joseph Manno was one of two World War II veterans honored Friday with medals commemorating their service. For Anthony Manno, 80, the event in Rep. Tim Bishop's Coram office also was a family reunion, after having gone six decades without seeing his brother's family.

"All this time I had this big, wonderful family and I never knew it," he said. "I haven't seen my niece since her wedding day 40 years ago. And my nephew here, I haven't seen him since he was three. But we're all together now."

Joseph Manno, 26, was killed during the Battle of Gold Brick Hill in Ormont, Germany, on March 5, 1945 -- the same day Anthony, 17, and an Army technician, arrived in that country. Joseph Manno's records were lost in a 1973 fire at a military archive in St. Louis, which contributed to the delay in the awarding of medals.

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