Indictment filed against Israeli neo-Nazi cell

An indictment was filed at the Tel Aviv District Court Tuesday against the eight youths arrested Sunday on suspicion of being members of a neo-Nazi cell in Petah Tivka. Three of the defendants are minors.

The eight are charged on counts of racially-motivated aggravated assault, conspiring to commit a crime, distributing inciting materials, possessing racist materials and weapons and issuing threats. State prosecutors have asked the court to extend the defendants' arrests until court proceedings conclude.

Cell-leader Eli Buanitov, a 19-year-old known as 'Nazi Eli,' is also charged with a separate count of battery.

According to the indictment, ICQ records show Buanitov intended to conduct a ceremony for his fellow neo-Nazis in which they would "swear their allegiance to Hitler and vow to preserve the white race with the last drop of their blood."

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