Viking ship in pub car-park (UK)

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A Viking longship is believed to be resting underneath a pub car-park in Mersyside. Professor Stephen Harding, of the University of Nottingham used ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment to trace the vessels exact location. The ship had been unburied previously in 1938 during relocation work on the pub- the Railway Inn in Meols, Wirral. Workers were advised to cover the ship over again so as not to delay construction and a new car-park was laid on top of it. "Although we still don't know what sort of vessel it is, it's very old for sure and its Nordic clinker design, position and location suggests it may be a transport vessel from the Viking settlement period.” Said Professor Harding adding that; “Scandinavian influence persisted here through the centuries.” Professor Harding hopes that with the right funding the vessel could be removed and ultimately exhibited in a museum

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