A new Confederate-flag fight

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A flap over a Confederate flag is breaking out at the Virginia Capitol.

The dispute isn't over whether to display a Confederate flag -- it's over which Confederate flag to display.

Despite the concerns of Confederate-heritage enthusiasts, officials are not returning a battle flag -- the "Stars and Bars" -- to the Old House Chamber, where it stood for years a short distance from the spot where Gen. Robert E. Lee accepted command of Virginia's armed forces at the beginning of the Civil War in April 1861.

General Assembly officials, looking to the approaching 150th anniversary commemoration of the start of the Civil War, say their decision is rooted in historical accuracy, not political correctness.

So, another Confederate flag -- the "second national flag," which is white and features a Stars and Bars canton in the upper-left corner -- will be put on display in the newly constructed Capitol annex, added as part of $105 million restoration of the Thomas Jefferson-designed statehouse.

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