Swiss party wants to revive Nazi policy

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Sippenhaft is an old Nazi policy under which family members of criminals were held equally responsible and punished. Now a Swiss political party is using a racist and xenophobic poster to revive the practice.

The poster shows three white sheep booting out a black sheep, with a caption that translates to "for more security." It's part of an effort to drum up support for a deportation policy in which entire immigrant families would be kicked out of Switzerland if their children committed a violent crime, a drug offense, or benefits fraud.

It's not some fringe, extremist, right-wing political party that's trying to collect 100,000 signatures for a referendum on the policy. Rather, it's the country's largest party—the Swiss People's Party. Back in 2004, this party used the image of black hands reaching into a pot of Swiss passports to successfully campaign for stricter immigration laws. More recently, it proposed banning the construction of minarets.

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Randll Reese Besch - 9/8/2007

The subtext that I see is that the Swiss Party is a somewhat milder form of the NSDAP for the Swiss.
How does construction of minarets promote an extreme form of Muslim belief unless you consider any representation to be extreme?
Such extremism itself is dangerous and a backlash of equal intensity is just as bad. No one to kowtow to such debilitating fundimentalism be it Muslim or Christian or any other is helpful or tolerable.
It has since been unearthed that the Swiss collaberation with the Germans showed they too were close to becoming just another Nazi state as Norway and Rumania and Bulgaria had.
Part of the extremist religious wars that are unfoulding and enfoulding this benighted planet that is re-awakening in so many places including the USA.

James Martin - 9/8/2007

It appears the legacy of the NSDAP continues..the damage they did continues. Now a country trying to do something, anything, to save itself from a gradual point of no return on the Islamic encroachment of Europe has to suffer the branding of the swastika. The only satisfaction one can get out of this attitude is the knowledge that liberal progressive types will be the first to suffer when Sharia comes to their neighborhoods.