Kids can be taught civic engagement, study finds

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Survey after survey reports that American students — while concerned about the world around them — are apathetic about politics. Events like Katrina or Darfur spark activism and voluntarism. And to be sure, college Democrats and Republicans are good at organizing competing speakers. But voter registration (and voting), turnouts at town hall meetings and knowledge of the political process remain embarrassingly low.

Research that will be presented this week at the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting, which starts today in Chicago, suggests that political engagement can be taught. In a project led by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, researchers identified a series of courses that mixed more traditional political science education with participatory politics — not in the sense of organizing rallies for presidential candidates but with activities that go beyond formal classroom instruction.

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Randll Reese Besch - 9/5/2007

What these students have identified that the system we have negates the substantial change needed to alter our present course.
Its not the self serving theocon 'reason' that the voters are 'satisfied' it is that with the tremendous restrictions no neaningful person running,like Dennis Kucinich, be allowed to run and win.
And if by some miracle he did he would be killed before such a 180 degree turn away from where we are could be implimented. It has happened before and will so again as long as certain powers are extant.