For family of crew on submarine lost in WWII, some closure

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It's been an emotional week for relatives of the 70 men who died aboard the USS Grunion during World War II.

First, late Wednesday, the son of the submarine's commander spotted what is almost definitely its wreckage, in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Kiska, Alaska.
Then yesterday, the mission to inform the crewmembers' relatives that the ship had been found was completed. After articles appeared in Detroit newspapers yesterday, a woman called in to a local radio station and said the Purple Heart awarded to Byron "Buck" Traviss is displayed in a glass case in her living room.

Traviss's cousin-by-marriage -- Barbara Larish of Dearborn, Mich. -- said she was "flabbergasted," when she heard that the sub had probably been found and that a search was on for relatives of the lost crewmen. Larish was the last of the relatives to be informed.

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