TV news anchor cries for family Nazi deaths (UK)

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Newsreader [ie: TV anchor] Natasha Kaplinsky has told for the first time how members of her family were massacred in the Holocaust.

The 34-year-old broke down in tears as she discovered the terrible truth about her ancestry while filming BBC1 series Who Do You Think You Are?

Kaplinsky is descended from Polish Jews on her father's side. For the programme she travelled to the small town of Slonim in Belarus, which was part of Poland during the Second World War, to research her history. Her time there was "the bleakest four days of my life", she told the Radio Times. Her great-uncle Abraham committed suicide in 1942 days after the Nazis murdered his youngest daughter, who was just two. A month after his suicide, Abraham's wife and nine-year-old daughter were also killed.

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