When the NYT archives online recirculate misinformation

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A BUSINESS strategy of The New York Times to get its articles to pop up first in Internet searches is creating a perplexing problem: long-buried information about people that is wrong, outdated or incomplete is getting unwelcome new life.

People are coming forward at the rate of roughly one a day to complain that they are being embarrassed, are worried about losing or not getting jobs, or may be losing customers because of the sudden prominence of old news articles that contain errors or were never followed up.

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Vernon Clayson - 8/30/2007

Not to worry, much of the material they print now is wrong, oudated and incomplete and it doesn't bother them much. Their archives aren't exactly gospel, not that the gospel is gospel, most readers shrug off the Times, today's crap will be fishwrap tomorrow. The old gray lady is in its last throes, an orgy of bile and bias against things American.