Hitler's Honeycomb: The Berghof revisited

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The grandiose mansions Adolf Hitler erected in Germany may have vanished, but their vast bunkers remain largely intact..
More than 60 years have passed, but the quaint Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden, nestled amidst a stunning Alpine panorama, still struggles with its heritage of having been Adolf Hitler's favourite hideaway.

The Berchtesgaden Tourism Office is reluctant to actively promote the former Obersalzberg site just above the town and is not particularly eager to answer questions pertaining to the locations of the remains of houses and pleasure grounds of the German dictator and other Nazi key figures.

Nevertheless, Obersalzberg boasts an unassuming, modest documentation centre in the modified, former Nazi Party's guesthouse, where the crowds of daily visitors can educate themselves about the mountain's embarrassing history.

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