Wallace shooter Arthur Bremer to be released from prison this year

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Arthur Bremer, the man who attempted to assassinate Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace during his 1972 presidential campaign will be released later this year, Maryland corrections officials confirmed today.

The candidate was 52 years old on that May afternoon in Maryland -- 52 and surging in his third bid for the nomination, having won three Democratic primaries and expected to win in Maryland and Michigan.

Surrounded by a boisterous crowd of about 2,000 in the parking lot of the Laurel Shopping Center, Wallace had just concluded his remarks when a young blond-haired man in opaque sunglasses and dressed in red, white and blue shot him at close range, "the little black gun exploding like a birthday-party favor," Time magazine reported. Three persons traveling with the governor also were wounded.

From that day in 1972 when the bullets entered his chest and stomach -- one lodging near his spine -- until the day he died 26 years later, Wallace was paralyzed in both legs, lived in constant pain and suffered a variety of maladies as a result of his injuries.

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