Museum pursues Georgia's vanishing Jewish history

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The weekend began on Friday afternoon, after the mills closed. Women, their hair still fuzzed with chenille lint, crowded the doorways. Do you have any pretty dresses?

Things gained momentum on Saturday, as farmers who'd looked at the rear ends of mules all week raised their eyes to the treasures inside. You got overalls?...

For Irwin Koplan, those 60-year-old memories remain as vivid as a bolt of dress fabric. His father, Leo Koplan, was one of those merchants who opened wide the doors to his store — and, in the process, helped keep a community of fellow believers thriving.

Koplan, who's 70 now, recently shared some of those memories with the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum. The Atlanta museum is looking across the state for evidence of Jewish life from earlier centuries. Museum officials call it the State of Georgia Project.

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