Second World War has become the hottest thing in publishing

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Banzai Nippon! Achtung Spitfeuer! Gott In Himmel! Teufel! Schweinehund!

If these were the first foreign phrases you ever encountered, the chances are that you're a bloke aged between 30 and 50, and that you grew up reading War Picture Library, Battle, Victor and Commando comics.

Well, those days are over - in publishing at least, where books about the Second World War, fiction and non-fiction, look set to be one of the hottest phenomena of the next decade.

"We've done incredibly well out of it," says Jonathan Goodman of Carlton Books, whose bumper repackaged editions of classic Commando stories were one of the biggest hits in bookshops last Christmas, selling well into six figures. They are about to release two new volumes, Commando: ANZACS at War and Commando: All Guns Blazing.

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