Historians are joining Wikipedia instead of fighting it

Historians in the News

Whatever its flaws, Wikipedia has become a significant influence in history education. Some of our colleagues have determined to improve it with their own contributions. Here are some instances in which they have assumed significant responsibility for their fields:

  • History of Science: Sage Ross and 80 other specialists in the field are contributing.
  • Military History: Over 600 amateur and professional specialists in many sub-fields are contributing.
  • Russian History: Marshall Poe and over 50 other specialists in the field are contributing.
  • Here, in alphabetical order, from Ancient Egypt to West Virginia, are over 30 other specialized history Wikiprojects, with lists of their contributors. There are, obviously, many gaps -- fields that are not covered. Think of them as opportunities.

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    Randll Reese Besch - 8/8/2007

    Just what is needed to shore up the bonifides of Wikipedia.