Plan to end winner-take-all in CA could alter outcome of the national '08 election

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A well-financed group plans to back a ballot initiative that would give the Republican presidential candidate a chance to pick up twenty electoral votes in California even if the state goes Democratic in 2008.

The initiative, which would appear on the June 2008 ballot, would apportion most electoral votes by congressional district instead of by the traditional winner-take-all method. Some twenty districts in CA almost certainly will vote Republican in 2008.

Few voters are expected to participate in the June 2008 election since the primary has been moved up to February.

A similar measure is under consideration in North Carolina. It would result in extra electoral votes for Democrats.

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John D. Beatty - 8/1/2007

Let's hope that this initiative spreads nationwide.

Jonathan Dresner - 8/1/2007

Even if it hurts Democrats in the short run, in the long run proportional representation -- and verifiable paper ballots -- is our only hope of maintaining legitimacy for our democratic system.