PBS trying to make high tech history interesting to kids

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THE CORPORATION for Public Broadcasting is chasing teenagers. But instead of courting them with content about sex, music, or MySpace, the corporation is investing $20 million to develop multimedia content -- from television shows to Web-based games -- about American history and civics....

Launched in 2005, this project asked public television managers to develop media projects that "measurably improve" how middle and high school students learn civics and history. Public television was asked to work with educators, filmmakers, and high-tech content providers. This month, the corporation announced that seven of 88 proposals would get funding to develop prototypes.
Among these are "Virtual Congress," a Web-based game about getting bills passed; "Flashback," a reality show and online game about completing historic missions; and "American Dynasties," an online role-playing game in which students interact with historic figures.

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