Hemings' descendants meet at Monticello

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About 250 people who believe they are descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings learned more about their heritage and each other at a reunion in Charlottesville.

At the first Monticello Community Gathering over the weekend, attendees discussed family ties and toured downtown Charlottesville and Monticello.

Organizer Diana Redman calls the gathering "an opportunity to get beyond the racial issues." Redman is a descendant of Madison Hemings, one of Hemings' sons.

The Monticello Association has adamantly denied membership to Hemings' descendants, citing lack of evidence that Thomas Jefferson fathered her children.

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Herbert Barger - 7/17/2007

For a full discussion of this Hemings-Jefferson controversy go to web pages: www.angelfire.com/va/TJTruth and www.tjheritage.org. Here you will find a link to the Scholars Commission Report (13 full scholars) that found NO proof of Thomas Jefferson fathering slave children. For three years the Monticello Assn. (TJ descendants) researched many sources including the Monticello Study, the Scholars Commission Reports and their own research facilities and found NO proof of this rumor started by a disgruntled and scandaleous reporter in the Campaign Lies of 1802.

Most of the research points to his much younger brother, Randolph, who was between wives during Sally's childbearing years. As soon as he remarried in 1808 or 1809 Sally had no more children. He was invited to visit Monticello exactly 9 months prior to Eston Hemings's birth.

Herb Barger
Jefferson Family Historian