In Confederacy's former capital, museums offer 2 Civil War views

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RICHMOND, Va. -- More than 140 years after Civil War cannons fell silent, two museums are offering very different views of the war between the states.

The century-old Museum of the Confederacy offers a more single-minded approach to the war. Red, white and blue battle flags from different Confederate troops wave from the ceiling. Three levels of exhibits feature bullet-riddled uniforms, blood-spattered letters from dying soldiers and maps generals once used to lead their men. Located in downtown Richmond, the museum bills itself as home to the world's largest collection of Confederate artifacts.

At the upstart American Civil War Center, located between the James River and downtown, visitors will find a mixture of old shackles that were once chained to slaves and musty uniforms amid modern touches. Four television displays offer presentations throughout the museum, proposing thinking points, while introducing perspectives from the Union, Confederacy and blacks.

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