Edwards retraces historic RFK tour to highlight poverty

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How can a man who pays $400 a time for a haircut be the champion of America's working poor?

The Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards hopes to prove this week that wealth and privilege are no obstacle to campaigning against poverty as he sets out on a three-day tour of some of the poorest parts of the US....

In a push to get the poverty issue back on the national agenda, Mr Edwards, says he is taking a break from his campaign to bring attention to poverty and deprivation.

In so doing he is associating himself with the civil rights movement, in particular Martin Luther King's Poor People's March of 1968. He is also taking a leaf from the electoral campaign of the equally telegenic and privileged Robert F Kennedy some 40 years ago. With an equally populist message of social improvement, the scion of New England traveled through the coal-mining areas of the Appalachians to expose the hunger of working people living in tar-paper shacks.

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