100 Years: Anniversary of Boy Scouts celebrated

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A Devon farming family has unveiled a maze in a 10-acre field of maize to mark the 100th anniversary of the scouting movement.
Nick Lees and his family have created an image of the movement's founder Robert Baden-Powell in the corn.

The maze, which is open to the public, has been created in a field at Bickleigh, near Tiverton.

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Randll Reese Besch - 7/18/2007

Lord Baden-Powell created the Boy Scouts in the UK as a secular organization to counter all of the church based ones.
The idea was then taken here and put under the aegis of 'god' and ruined. Bismurching his name and idea.
See Bellamy and the Pledge of Allegiance for another idea twisted to fit the USA mold. Narrow,religous and sectarian.